Alan Waring

Ceramic Sculptor Artist - Born 1967

Alan Waring is a Danish sculptor artist living and working in Denmark.

With his love for nature and animals, Alan has during the past 20 years established himself as a succesful artist with an emphasis on unique ceramic sculptures.

Continuing to explore and challenge the boundaries within his medium of choice, Waring creates sculptures which oscillate between a respectful naturalistic representation of the stoic animal form and relatable human elements. The combination of the two make a complex almost surrealistic storytelling with an humorous twist.

His art originates from his fascination with animals which was established when he as a young boy traveled to Africa and experienced the wildlife unfold in front of him.

Form, harmony, muscle, power, ferocity and movement are combined with a longtime artistic understanding of the ceramic sculpture and its possibilities. Waring's art comments on human actions and technology in contrast to the animal wildlife and nature.

He has held exhibitions in galleries nationally and internationally and is represented in private collections in Denmark and abroad.

Alan is represented by

Gallery Oxholm

The Boutique Gallery